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Motor - Student Driver

So you've passed your exams after a couple of years of hard work and managed to get a place at University.

As a new student there will be a lot of things to sort out beforehand. You'll need accommodation for the year - whether it is on campus or otherwise - and your student loan to ensure you have money to live off.

If you drive also, you'll find yourself one of around 20% of students who own a car - and will need suitable car insurance as a result.

As a student driver, you will most likely find yourself having to pay large car insurance premiums towards the beginning of your driving career.

There are three basic levels of cover to choose from when selecting a suitable policy:

- Third Party Only - The cheapest type of policy available, which offers cover in the event of an accident for which you were responsible. However, such a policy will not cover yourself or your vehicle in any way.

Should your car be damaged, stolen or destroyed you will not receive any money back. Also, if the accident was your fault you will not receive any compensation for any injuries sustained during the incident, even if it means you are unable to work as a result.

- Third Party, Fire and Theft - This type of policy will cover your vehicle should it be stolen or destroyed by arson.

This type of cover is usually more expensive than a third party policy, but can give you a little more piece of mind should you look to be taking your vehicle to university

- Fully Comprehensive - This kind of policy will cover all bases, covering both yourself and your vehicle in the event of an accident - regardless of who is to blame.

However, these policies come with high premiums, but setting an 'excess' amount, which you pay yourself in the event of an accident.

Whilst this might not cover you for minor damages, such as broken windscreens, it does help leave you well covered in the event of any serious incidents.

When searching for a car insurance quote, it's best to enquire as to whether your student status can result in a discount on your premiums. It's worth looking at all options available to you to ensure you get the best deal.
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